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Car Locksmith Garland, Dallas County, Texas, excels in fixing ignition issues for cars, trucks, busses of all models and makes. When you need repairs, lock cylinder or extracting keys that break, we will provide you with this service with speed and with care. We make it easy for you to go about your business without worrying about auto problems because we can come fast to fix them.

Ignition keys rekeyed for your security

Do you need to have auto ignition repair done since you are frustrated with fail-start issues for your vehicle? If you are tired of unsuccessfully trying to start your vehicle every morning, we have a solution for you. You don’t even need to bring the vehicle to us. We will come to your location and get the problem solved.

If you need to enhance the safety and security of your vehicle, you may want to consider to re key car ignition. This is a recommended service if you buy a highly-valued vehicle used. It is also good to get it done if you lose your keys and suspect mischief. Don’t leave your automobile vulnerable to thieves; call us to get it rekeyed.

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Ignition lock problems repaired

Ignition switch, commonly positioned in the steering column, center console or the dash, is normally activated when keys are inserted in the lock cylinder.  When turned, your key sets in motion a series of activities including pulling power from the battery to start the vehicle. A very important part of your car’s functioning, when this part is broken you could find yourself stranded. But if you call us on time, you will be well on your way.

Are you in a hurry and turned keys in the ignition too fast only to break them? A broken key in ignition is problematic. You could spend a good couple of hours trying to ply the remaining piece using pliers or wire coat hanger. Instead of tinkering with this, you could call a professional to help you remove it safely. This service is available quickly and within a short time we will be at your door helping you.

Jammed ignition repaired or replaced

Relax and have a cup of tea, coffee or whatever beverage of your choice while our skilled technicians do car ignition replacement for you. We take the pain out of replacing keys, locks or unlocking doors when you are locked out of your vehicle.  You should consider calling us to change your lock cylinder to solve this problem.

Has your ignition jammed and your steering locked on you? If you have this problem you could try to unlock the ignition by turning the key clockwise while you wiggle the wheel. But if this problem persists and you suspect that you have bigger issues, call our locksmiths. We can make the necessary repairs and get you back on the road in no time.

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